Software Development Services

We provide a broad spectrum of software services as we deal with more than 10 industry verticals. Our customers benefit from stronger solutions, which empower them to be more responsive to their customers and their competitive environment. The main services we provide are: Custom Application Development Application Management & Maintenance Software Application of Architecture and Design Testing Services Project Management

Software Testing Services

we offers specialized QA & Testing services for different platforms, operating systems and applications, using a broad range of testing techniques. This is a stand-alone service that goes from developing and executing a complete testing plan with different test scenarios, detailed test cases and test scripts; to executing any part of an already existing testing process. we has a specialized QA and Testing team of engineers with a deep understanding of the software development cycle.

Our Methodology

Two main methodologies guarantee the success of our projects:

  • The Waterfall Approach: We apply a Project Management Methodology based on the Project Management Institute (PMI) standards. This methodology is quite simple to understand and shape according to the project needs and requirements; it also recognizes the need to move one stage at a time and recycle back to the previous stage to validate the stage outcome.
  • The Agile Programming Approach: The Agile Project Management is the basis; this particular approach helps teams react to the instability of building software through incremental, iterative work cycles, known as sprints. During this approach every aspect of development is revisited throughout the lifecycle.


Red Dragon offers great flexibility to customers who already have an ongoing custom-development methodology: we will adopt this methodology and, if required, propose solutions that will maximize returns. Isthmus processes ensure efficiency, transparency and manageability at every stage; the Quality Management System is constantly improved and updated as an ongoing company program to keep up with the best practices of the industry.